Flashing my Samsung Pixon phone

Posted on: 17 June 2009

Having been a happy user of GooSync for keeping my Google Calendar synced with my Pixon phone, I decided it was time to centralise my address book too. GooSync claims to be able to sync Google Mail contacts too, so that seemed like a good way to go.

Sadly, once I'd got all my contacts into my Google Mail address book, running GooSync on the phone did two things:

  1. uploaded all my phone contacts to Google (with no apparent attempt to see if they were already there)
  2. restarted the phone

As a GooSync Premium customer, I figured I should be able to get some tech support. Sadly, all they could suggest was a firmware upgrade on my phone. I don't fancy being without my phone for two weeks while they get round to it. There are plenty of online guides to the process, and it looks reasonably straightforward.

After a fair amount of messing about uninstalling the Samsung PC Studio software (which had inexplicably stopped working) then reinstalling it all again, I got on with following this guide VERY carefully!

And it worked!

GooSync now works great for my calendar and my contacts, all the T-Mobile junk has gone (e.g. having to wade through pages of their browser bookmarks before getting to my own!), and Google Maps actually uses the phone's GPS now - it now shows me exactly where I am , instead of telling me to within 1500m!