My First Android App

Posted on: 24 June 2011

So, one of the main reasons I chose an Android phone instead of an iPhone (apart from not wanting to follow the herd) was so that I could develop my own apps and run them on my own phone. Yes - I know you can write apps for iOS as well, but I'm all PC, Linux and open source, and Mac development is going to need a bigger technology shift than I want to make right now (although I wouldn't rule it out in the future).

tally counter android app qr codeAnyway, a year after buying my shiny new Android handset, I've finally got round to writing an app. I've started simple, and put together a really basic tally counter app. It just shows a list of labels, with a score by each one. Swiping across each label increments the score, while swiping to the left decrements it. It's been a great introduction to some Android fundamentals, and although there are parts of it that are much less efficient than I'd like them to be, at least it all works.

If you have an Android handset, have a look - download it from the Market or using this QR code, and let me know what you think of it.

Time to start work on the next app idea!