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Connecting C# to MySQL

Posted on: 01 March 2008
My previous lives have left me pretty handy with C#. I only really used .net 1.1 for serious heavy lifting, so I'm finding all kinds of nice suprises (like generics - strongly typed ArrayLists at last!) in .net 3.5 now that I've started using Visual Studio 2008 (and finding that the free Express Edition is fine for commercial development came as a rather nice suprise too!).

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Changing Mouse Pointer Speed in C#

Posted on: 09 October 2008
I've just got myself a fancy new mouse (OK - not really all that fancy, but I like it). There's just one small hitch - it's much more sensitive than the touchpad on my laptop, so whenever I switch between the two, I have to fire up control panel, choose the mouse panel, choose the right tab, slide the slider, click the "OK" button, and it all just seems not worth all the effort.

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